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A compilation of potential sources for earthquakes larger than M 5.5 in Italy and surrounding areas


Area of Relevance

The DISS Working Group's priority is to make quality-checked information about seismogenic faulting available for a large region, including Italy and its surroundings. We refer to this region as the "Area of Relevance" (AoR). The extent of this area varied with time and with the various versions of the database. The AoR extent is primarily linked to the need to identify potential sources of seismic shaking that may affect Italy. However, we also explore seismogenic faults outside this area because, for example, they may represent potential sources for tsunamis that can propagate across the Mediterranean Sea, or they may be an important part of a geodynamic unit. However, the AoR extent is not strictly defined and has to be intended as only indicative of the area where we dedicate most of our efforts.
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